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The philosophy of the project is to find a balance between the architectural design and the environment. The villa has flowing natural forms, subtle curves in every line.

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This project has style and identity. The villa will be an expensive piece of jewelry placed in the vastness of nature. The architectural uniqueness and originality will make villa Thea special in the architectural portfolio of the whole world.

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Despite the construction of the building, the villa seems to float on the expanse of the mountain hill.


The smoothness of the forms can be traced throughout the project, from the functional solution on the plan and ending with the terraces and the pool around the villa.

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Combining futurism with naturism is a step into the future.

The use of modern technologies, ecological construction methods put the villa one step higher and its significance is greater.

It is possible to create the motives of nature and in the same

time to touch the space theme on the Earth. Organic shapes and curved,

flowing lines are part of the space.

For the interior, selected white, light shades,

glass and reflective surfaces.

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